Manually fit subD surface to pointcloud

G’day everyone,

How would I go about fitting a subd surface to a scanned pointcloud of a classic yacht hull? It seems like a perfect surfacing tool for such a situation (and onerous in NURBS), but I am completely hopeless at subd.

Can I start with some curves and do a subd version of networksrf then fiddle to get a better fit?


Two methods:

  1. pointcloud to mesh to QuadRemesh
  2. 3DFace command, with points osnap enabled
  1. Have a subd surface close to the scan, editpoints on of the subd, pull editpoints to the mesh.
    (Assuming a mesh is made from the pointcloud scan)

How do you make a coarse mesh (hundreds of vertices) from a dense point cloud (millions of points) in Rhino?

Pointcloud command

How does the Pointcloud command help with creating a coarse mesh (hundreds of vertices) from a dense point cloud (millions of points)?

The Pointcloud command will help you from a million points to select the necessary hundreds of vertices, for a rough grid as you asked for.
The MeshPatch command will help you create a rough grid.

All information is publicly available.

I am very familar with the PointCloud command. It changes the data structure but does not do anything directly to help placing vertices on individual points.

That is useful information. I frequently use the Patch command but had forgotten about MeshPatch.

The PointCloud command creates a set of vertices from selected point objects or a mesh object to facilitate selection and faster display.
The point cloud object type improves Rhino’s performance when handling a large number of point objects imported from external files.
You can use the point cloud object to group any number of individual points into a single object, minimizing the amount of storage in the 3DM file and maintaining performance.

I didn 't claim it.

Thank you for all the insights and methods. Nearly time to have a crack at it.