Manipulating how data looks in panels

The outcome on a panel is as such:


Is there a tool which would allow me to dispplay 106.9 kWh without of the 0 in front and the 0 on top and adding the kWh in the end?


yes, look here: Formatting Numbers in Grasshopper - Grasshopper
Check out the comment also.

To add kWh use Grasshopper component Concatenate. It will allow you to add “kWh” to the numeric value. (3.1 KB)

In this case the result does not come from a list and so does not have the 0 on the left or on top. Is there a way to get rid of those, taking a number out of a list as just the number on a panel?

Thanks a lot, ill check it out:) (4.9 KB)

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This works perfectly, thank you:)

I already gave you the answer… Just try to replace with your number of list.

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For some reason the first time i tried it it did not work, but it does now my apologies. Thank you:)