Making multiple simple beams from points

Hi everyone,
Thanks to a kind stranger’s heroic help, I have gotten so far to make a grid and column from a surface,

I admit that I am still a beginner and do not fully understand everything here, but I do have to keep calm and make beams from this script.

I had this theory that it might be possible to select the dots from boundary curves and make a rectangle as a section of beam and extrude them to x or y axis.
I am guess I need to know 1. how to select the end dots, 2. how to "sweep1"them to make a beam.

Could you please guide me how to navigate this?(I have been looking at related posts but could not figure out how…)
Ideally I want to be able to make beams as the red lines in the picture below, but for now I just want to know how to make beams in one direction to begin with.

grid and columns_a.3dm (4.2 MB) Grid and columns_2021Jan22d (working).gh (21.9 KB)

Here are a couple of ideas for you.

Grid and columns_2021Jan22d (working) (23.7 KB)

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I think it’s reasonable to refer to the original thread where “a kind stranger” helped you with the grid layout for your columns:

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Thank you!