Making custom diagonal lines on a surface

Hi all,

I hope some of the expert in here can give me an insight.
I wanted to make a parametric fin on a surface.
If it is just a rectangular panel with normal UV direction, it is quite easy to do so.
However, I wanted to make it so that the panel can be rotated at certain angle like this image:

I tried using lunchbox but the diamond tools seems not what I am looking for

I wanted to create series of diagonal line so that later on I can use those line to either extrude it or modify it further. But I can’t seem to find an example of anyone doing that

I hope someone has an experience of doing this

Thank you

(I have attached my file)
test (9.3 KB)

Something like this?

test (16.3 KB)

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Thank you, Ethan!

Exactly what I need.
I haven’t tried using contour before.