Making a3d grid with scaled cells

Hello everybody,
it might be obvious but im just not managing to make it:
I am trying to make a 3d grid with smaller cells every other floor (img)

i tried to scale the cells and than to sort the list but even when both rows got the same numbers, i cant make a line between them…
Hope i mange to make it clear,
Cheersgrid shape (20.7 KB)

You can make it simple with Rectangular grid

grid shape (22.4 KB)

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grid (18.5 KB)

Not really grouped properly… so a mess to ungroup and use the rectangles and polylines.

Thank you both very much, that is much simpler.
but the thing is that i want it to be oriented to a surface (like in my gh)

Your GH has a lot of pointless code. For example, the only thing that happens in all of this (below) is one Scale operation. The result is two numbers:

Hard for me to tell what happens after that since I don’t have Lunchbox:


But certain things are obvious. There will be severe complications if the surface is not both flat and rectangular.

You’ll need to adjust the data tree a bit and after that, all you need is to use Weave.

grid shape (16.2 KB)

Exactly what i was looking for!! Thank you very much - great help

thank you all for your time