Make a Sub-D Star the EASY WAY with Radiate

Thanks to Kyle @theoutside and Brian @BrianJ for all of the inspiration and great advice.

This is a new format and editing style I am trying out in preparation for new courses. Let me know if you like the structure, flow, and if my fat head is distracting. :slight_smile:


Nice job @schultzeworks !

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Thanks, @BrianJ … more to come

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A quad only topology would be better for subdivision and detailing…

5_star.3dm (41.3 KB)


I learned Rhino from your video series. Thank you so much sir.

Hey @martinsiegrist

That is an excellent suggestion. I knew that it was best practice to use quads for Sub-D, but missed that in my efforts to keep it short and sweet.

I will revisit this soon and see if there is a way I can build an arm to get the results you have illustrated.

Thank you! I appreciate this.

Hey @tay.othman

That is very cool to hear! Thanks for letting me know.

:slight_smile: Dave

Thanks for your reply. I see two efficient ways to create a 5-star.

  1. create a mesh triangle inside a pentagon. Subdivide the mesh triangle once. Convert it into a SubD and use the radiate command.

  1. Start with a SubD quad face and radiate it 5 times. Subdivide once and stitch the star points. Find the radiate pattern again and drag the star point outwards

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Greate video! I made a grasshopper defination which follows your modeling steps in Rhino.

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You have some beautifully crafted C# Scripts, thank you for sharing the cluster. I can learn good things from it.

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You are welcomed. We share knowledge and learn from each others.

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