Make a continuous surface

Hi everyone
Could someone please help me solve this problem? I have to close this surface, how can I make it continuous?

Thank you

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I assume you want position (G0) continuity. (Continuity type corrected to G0)

Post a .3dm file with the geometry if you want more than a generic answer.

Generic answer:

A) If the edges are planar use PlanarSrf.

B) If the edges are non planar you will probably need to use multiple surfaces.

C) If the edges are close to being planar but not quite planar, and the edges are untrimmed edges then you can use SetPt on the surface control points to make the edges planar. If the existing surfaces are joined you will need to first Explode the polysurface or ExtractSrf the surfaces to obtain individual surfaces.

Probably a typo, but nevertheless:
G0 = position
G1 = tangency

why would it be? continuity is the general term for how a surface flows, meets a nother. they are all continuous besides maybe g0 or did i miss something obvious

ha i missed something obvious :face_with_peeking_eye:

well ok g0 is still some sort of continuity to be correct though it is not very continuous but whatever

problem.3dm (562.2 KB)
I’ll upload the model to you, I’m having problems making it all in tangential continuity. Thank you. Sorry, I’m a bit of a newbie

It is just established surfacing terminology: g0,1,2,3 relates to position, tangency, curvature, acceleration.

sure i understand, its still not a typo!


position (G1) continuity

is not a typo, then it is flat out wrong.
I think @davidcockey probably knows the terminology well enough, so I assume it is a typo.

By the way: I personally think that @Emanuele4 is looking for some edges to be g1 and some g0

Screenshot 2024-04-20 211509

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Use sweep2 twice

The first time select the edges of your fillets as rails, and the rightmost edge as profile, then in the window that appears select “tangency” for the letter corresponding to that profile and “position” to the letters corresponding to the rails.

Do another sweep 2 to close the gap, same idea with “tangency” and position where applicable

G0 is what I meant. Corrected.

@adel.albloushi thanks for the reply, unfortunately the tangency option is not selectable for me

You must select the edges directly, not curves

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ok now i see the issue, i am traveling and half sleep deprived

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Backup to before the fillets.

Extend the slanting surface. Extend the vertical surfaces.

Create a curve with the desired continuity from the edge of the slanting surface to the top surface.



problem blend DC01.3dm (2.5 MB)


thanks a lot to everyone

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