Macro to Switch between modelling modes/interfaces?

Suppose I have 3 modelling modes:

  1. Surfacing mode: where I use curve tools and surface tools
  2. Grasshopper mode: where I want the viewport as big as possible with no toobars.
  3. SubD mode: where I use only a custom floating toolbar with SubD tools and no additional toolbars.

How can I switch efficiently between the three?

What I am asking is pretty similar to what Blender has:
You can change the ‘Editor Type’: 3D viewport, image editor, video sequencer, etc.
And you can change the ‘Edit Mode’: object mode, edit mode, sculpt mode, etc. (this is similar to tabs in Rhino).

To be clear, switching tabs is not enough for me, for SubD modelling, I want an empty workspace with only a floating toolbar.

Edit: I just found out using (_-Fullscreen) lets one decide what to hide, in this case I hid everything except my floating toolbar.

you definitely could macro an array of toolbars with ShowToolPalette, but to save the entire arrangement as set up in different states seems like a good idea for each purpose, specifically when you use grasshopper for instance.

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