Macbook pro 13 (2019) vs i mac 4k (2019)

Hey guys,
im looking for a new mac purchase I will be using it for only modeling and not rendering, not considering portability I want to know which mac would run smoother modeling experience. please let me know which is better a MacBook pro or an I mac from 2019 releases. im looking to use rhino 5 primarily

Depends on the specs you’re considering and the complexity of the modelling you’re doing, how much multitasking you do and what kind of file sizes you’re working in.

If portability isn’t a concern then I’d say go with a desktop solution generally. If you are looking at the MB Pros then I’d go to the 16 (even the entry level model) over the 13, as it’s just been refreshed so even the base specs there are decent.

In general if you’re looking at specification, you’ll get slightly better value for money from an iMac (or typically any other desktop as opposed to a laptop) and desktops tend to perform better due largely to thermal handling. I believe the iMac allows you to upgrade the ram as well, where the macbooks solder everything together.

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thank you simon , im a interior designer mostly my files are around 300-500mb , i do not have a budget for 16" MBP . so i was looking into either the i mac 4k 6 core or MBP 13inch base model 2019.

Then I would suggest going with an iMac without a doubt. The only benefit I would see for the MB Pro 13 is portability, which you’ve said isn’t a concern.

Not only are you getting a much more workable screen for 3D modelling, but looking at the specs for a $1500 21" 4k iMac vs $1500 13" MB Pro you get: 3Ghz 6-core vs 1.4Ghz 4 core, same 8GB RAM, 4GB radeon pro vs the integral intel iris, 1TB Fusion vs 256BG SSD.

I think you’ll find the iMac much more workable, and while an SSD will give you better speeds, you’ll find if you’re working with files up to 0.5GB you’ll fill 256GB pretty quick. The processors and the graphics on the above iMac are easily superior to the 13" MB, and if you can find $200 I would suggest bumping the RAM up to 16GB, if not straight away then in the near future.

If budget is a factor, and you’re happy to look at desktop solutions, you will generally get better specs for your money in windows solutions… And a superior version of Rhino.


thanks a lot simon, now i know exactly what to go for!!