Lunchbox Panels - Reordering Lists

I am trying to extract each level of the panels and separate by diagonals : (5.4 KB)

Hows this? (10.5 KB)

Actually, this one’s better. (12.8 KB)

yeah, not very clear what you are trying to get :slight_smile: (9.1 KB)


@inno Yours is much better than mine. :+1:

Yes this looks like what I need. After you partitioned the list and collected the data with 6 branches, how did you dispatch them into separate groups of boundary surfaces which are sorted by each level like how you have done.

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they come out from Lunchbox as an array of 27x3 rectangles split into two triangles along their diagonal
and are numbered progressively bottom-up left-to-right

by partitioning the list by 3*2=6 we get lists of columns of triangles: we get exactly 27 lists with 6 items in each

then with Flip Matrix we get the opposite, which is 6 lists of 27 items in each:

at this point by flattening the Flip Matrix we will just put all the items back in one list, but they will be sorted like this:

now we can divide in 3 long rows of 27*2 items each with Partition List again, in such a way to get 3 main branches {0}, {1}, {2} with 54 items each:

and finally partition these branches into two new branches each {x,0} and {x,1} which will hold the triangles as required:


Thanks for explaining that. I am still learning how to best use Data Trees in GH, what should I do with the 6 branches to separate the triangle panels into their own brep groups? (I would like to manipulate each group in differently)

If you want some good resources on data trees
01 Basics of Data Trees - YouTube


I also strongly suggest to digest the serie indicated by @Ryan14, consider that those videos were created by Jesus himself :+1:

to manipulate those 6 branches separately you can just stop after the first Partition list,
the most important thing to consider is to have a data tree for the “manipulation” that is matching the data tree of the “data being manipulated”

stupid example of scaling each branch by a different unique value: 6 branches for the panels, 6 branches for the scaling factor (15.8 KB)

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Well actually they were made by @DavidRutten
Grasshopper 3D - Wikipedia :+1:

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what did I say? :slight_smile:
yes that’s him :+1: