Looking to buy a used Rhino 7 license

Hello, I’m looking to buy a used Rhino 7 license, if you have one to sell please contact me directly on:

I’m curious as to why you want a used license instead of new. I see posts like this from time to time and I’ve always wondered why the desire for a used license. I wouldn’t image a used one would be much cheaper than a new, as there’s no wear-and-tear that limits how long you will have it (like a car, for example).

I think what he is saying is, that a v7 license has some value X and to upgrade it to v8 (which costs Y) you need to pay an upgrade price (deltP), so if X + deltaP = Y, then X = Y - deltaP therefore cheaper.

Or the person doesn’t need or want V8 and wants to minimize their expenditure. In this situation even if the used V7 license is more than the cost of new V8 license minus the upgrade cost but less than a new V8 license it would be desirable for them.

buy a full seat of v8 and request a free legacy license for v7.

Theoretically v7 should cost $400, because $400(v7) + $595(upgrade) = $995 (full v8)

that is way above my pay grade to decide,

I have a colleague who needs to be able to view rhino files but not necessarily do any building on there, perhaps only minor building. So essentially was just looking to save on costs ever so slightly by buying a used version. If anyone has any suggestions I’d be most grateful :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly… [?] you should be able to use an Evaluation version to only view Rhino files [After the 3 months evaluation period]. [as long as there is no plugin dependant stuff in the files to be viewed that could be a 0$ way to go]