Looking for new projects

Hello Rhino Community!

We are looking for new renders and projects develop with Rhino, Grasshopper and Karamba for our communications. If you want to share any, please feel free to post them bellow including a short description, the name of the project, your name or company name and the plug-ins you used. All the selected projects will appear with a label including the information provided and I will personally send the final version for your consent.

Could be a great opportunity to show your work!

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Hi Carla,

I’d cross post this on the Grasshopper category and Karamba category as well, I think you’ll more likely find Karamba users there than here.


Just for clarity here: Are you only looking for projects made with rhino, grasshopper AND karamba? Or projects that use only rhino or rhino and grasshopper are also ok?

Oh… thanks Willem, great!

Yes, sure! They can be only Rhino or Rhino + Grasshopper, just specify it. Thanks!

Hi @carla.sologuren,

I’m rather new to this forum could you point me to some explanation to what Gallery is? Like a place to show off your work?


Yes, I got that, what happens afterwards with these projects renders etc.

Are they exposed here or some other blog, web site.
I have a friend who’s model was added to the install wizard of Rhino4. Something like that?

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They will appear in a brochure and maybe other communications depending on the project.

I see, so also as marketing materials for McNeel.
Any perks for the creators? :wink:

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Hi… is this thread still current (on-going)? I’m a long time Rhino user, but new to the forum… and my first post.

Yes Roland, feel free to share your projects with the information (name, author,…)here. Thank you!

If I understand well, whatever is worth sharing can be here ? Great. I don’t care about copyright or perks since I’m a full open source guy (and I humbly think that what I start and develop better develops in more ways than only mine), so are you OK for a kind of modern (extremely so) instrument -making pics and vids? Links for the latter, of course.
I’m actually searching for partners in crime, so to speak. Will get back to you with the walk instead of the talk when my Rhino 6 license (bought today) will allow me to have some fun !
Stay safe everyone.

a huge number of people see your work for free?

I think that the benefits are for both parties. Rhino’s developers use the renderings as a showcase of the capabilities of their program, whereas the chosen 3d artists receive attention on their work.

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I modeled this supercar with Rhino 3 back in 2004. I intend to develop and produce it in limited series in the coming years. That particular rendering may need to be cropped if you need to show the car up-close. I can’t show it from other angles for now (front, side, back, 3/4 etc), because its exterior features some distinctive design elements that I want to unveil once the car hits the market.

This one is an actual kit car called Aeromaster LMP that’s into production since 2013. The body is designed in 2009, while the chassis is designed a few years later. It’s also featured in the gallery here:

And here are a few furniture models that I designed with Rhino 3 many years ago. They are fairly simple, but if you like them, feel free to use them for advertising Rhino:


Is it still actual?

Hi @Modeler3D! I started this topic before creating Gallery category. If you want to share your work I suggest reading the following: About the Gallery and Portfolios. If we include any image we contact you first, thanks!

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This project could be used as an advertisement for the SubD tools in Rhino 7.