Looking for a Grasshopper developer to help with Jewelry project

Hi, We’re a small design studio in Berlin looking for a Grasshopper developer who can help us with a jewelry design project that we have been awarded a small EU grant for.

It involves creating a small capsule collection of cast jewelry, whose forms will be primarily dictated by the manipulation of sound files translated through algorithms (such as those created in Grasshopper and Rhino3D) and then 3D printed and cast by our foundry partner in the UK.

Here is a link to our grant proposal - www.thelissome.com/worth-partnership-project/

What we are looking for, is a programmer/coder with a similar artistic sensibility, that we will be able to collaborate with in helping us create some beautiful jewelry.

Please have a look over the presentation and let us know if this is something you could help us with or if not, maybe point us in the direction of someone who might.

email me - paolo@processandintent.com


Paolo & Dorte.


PM sent

please check
Charles Leo