Loft issue

Hi @magicteddy @Joseph_Oster

Wondering why there is a kind of twist when I try to loft ? Could you help me figure out this ? :slight_smile:
Fillet edge (9.8 KB)
Fillet edge 2.3dm (3.4 MB)


This seems to be a problem with the Adjust Seams option that somehow fails. Switch it to False and it will clean the Loft.

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Perfect. Thanks !:slight_smile: :pray:

As @magicteddy said, inverting the ‘Adj’ input to Loft Opt fixes that.

Instead of this:

I would do this:

Fillet (10.4 KB)

P.S. Why did you post the big Rhino file when your code didn’t use it?

Noted! Will not attach it in the future if it is not going to be used. Thanks!