Localization bug for _Split command in italian version (Split VS SubDivide)

Hi everyone,
in the Italian localization of V6
if you write on CommandLine “Suddividi” which means _Split, Rhino will call SubDivide command.
So there is no longer the Italian localization of the _Split command.

Thank you

Hi Simone - thanks, we’ll check it. @Anna_Foglietta - can you take a look?


Hi Pascal,

Thank you for informing.

‘Split’ is now ‘Separa’ and ‘Subdivide’ is ‘Suddividi’.


…and _Ungroup that was “Separa”?


Hi Simone,

Thank you for reporting this issue.
At the moment, Ungroup and Split have the same translation, but the bug has been already fixed and the correct translation will be available in the next build realease. ‘Ungroup’ will be ‘AnnullaGruppo’.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank your collaboration.


Thank you very much