Loading rhino3dm.js with dynamic routes

Hello together, I’m struggling now for a couple of days to import/load rhino3dm.js. I’m trying to load rhino3dm into a svelte kit application with dynamic routes. So now copying the .wasm file to all the possible directories seams not feasible option. The best option for me would be, that await rhino3dm() would look for the .wasm file in the route path instead of the current path, but I could not find a way to do that.

I also tried to load rhino3dm from window.script, but there I got now the problem that some functionalities somehow just don’t seam to exist like rhino.CommonObject.decode – I get null…(when trying the same with importing rhino3dm from the node package, it works)

I tested already

Has, someone some pointers or even a solution?

Thank you, already in advanced!!