LIST of changes in yesterday's Rhino 7 update …

Version 7 (7.1.20343.09492, 2020-12-08)

I’ve installed yesterday’s update to Rhino 7 (above) and should have saved the lengthy list of changes that was displayed.

I’d like to see what things were addressed.

Does anyone know if this list is recorded elsewhere or has someone saved it please?

Hi Clive -
It depends a bit on what you updated from…



Thanks for the super-speedy reply.

(I was a relatively early-adopter and updated from 7.0.20314 etc.)

Appreciate your efforts.

Hi Clive -

I’m not sure if that means that your question was answered… : )


I took it from your reply that the listing applicable to me (updating from 7.0.20314 etc.), is the Service Release and not the Service Release Candidate.

Unless that’s wrong, then you have answered my question.


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