List of ALL blocks and their children

I know it is easy to export the blocks list.

How is it possible to list or export a list of ALL blocks in a file?

Let’s say there is a block in the model filename = “B”.
This block consists of some geometry AND another block, filename = “2”.

When this block “B” is referenced in the main file, how to get info of ‘child’ block “2”?
In a script that exports that list and also respects the level of nesting?
(TAB) Block2

Something ready made in the wild?


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Hi Charles,

Here is a sample script that (I think) does what you want but with a single block:

If this works for you, then it shouldn’t take much to modify for all blocks.

– Dale

You might also take a look at my “BlockCommander” prototype.

Dale, that looks very handy, nearly all what is wanted.
Except an export to file function.

If you could make that happen, an extra script would be superfluous.
That would be just great.