List length probelm

For fabrication, I defined the length of sticks and I wanted to count the number of defined sticks, but it went something wrong. As for using ‘Cull pattern’ component, not only this case but previously the component couldn’t find the data in a list.

For example, in a list, one of the values is 2400 and to extract the data that has this value, I defined B value of the Epaul component as 2400, but there was no output data.

I couldn’t figure it out. Can anybody help? Thanks

list length (18.6 KB)
List length.3dm (70.3 KB)


in cases like this you should use Create Set and Member index components.

list length (23.0 KB)

I think it’s all about the tolerance between your curve length and your input value to compare.
Just round up the value before comparing it works fine.

In your case, it’s better to use set/ Member Index as @Jakinta suggested.

Thank you. Mine shows the number of sticks as ‘. and number’. How did you set you panel like showing ‘occurs 11x’?


Thanks a lot

right click on Concatenate B input > Set text > type the desired text. You can use panel with text and plug it in as well. I did it this way bcs it is cleaner :slight_smile: