Lisp Programming Language

Lisp is the only programming language that makes sense. Its clarity and versatility will never be matched by other programming languages.

…too many brackets. (Sorry o.t. I took the bait.)

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There are a couple of things that set Lisp apart IMO:

  • Using a single data type (or data structure) both for code and for data.
  • A very simple syntax / evaluation rule.

McCarthy was a genius … :slight_smile:

… But I would’nt agree on that. I love programming languages … :grinning:

Critics say that LISP = lost is stupid parenthesis, but I like them, because they provide clarity and brevity. (Brevity means that we can write several instructions on every line of text, so that simple program, or complex function, fits on the monitor.) I do not need comments to understand how Lisp program works, but when I look at C code, I am bewildered.

Debugging is stressful. :tired_face: :face_vomiting: :cold_face: :sob: :scream: I have not written any code for a decade, but I remember that I sometimes could not find a bug for one hour. I belive that all programming languages need graphical interface similar to the Grasshopper. The main purpose of this interface would be depicting data flow (forward or backward) at the time when the bug stops the program.

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We are not planning on providing a lisp interpreter for Rhino at any time in the near future. That said, the new RhinoCode project is being designed to be extendible and would allow a 3rd party to write a lisp interpreter for Rhino.


What is ‘RhinoCode’ ?

See Ehsan’s post here for a description of RhinoCode

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