Lionfish Stopped Working

Dear All

The Grasshopper plugin Lionfish stopped working recently. We are getting the below error. The dll mentioned in the error is present and unblocked. Also Lionfish was removed from FoodForRhino. I already contacted the developer via Email.

Can anybody confirm this? Any ideas why this error started happening? No changes have been made to the script. Rhino updates have been applied in between.

Does anybody have an alternative, more recent plugin suggestion for geodesic curves on arbitrary triangular meshes. I found Geodesic lines on meshes (MeshPaths) | Food4Rhino, but it is also very dated. I know @AndersDeleuran has done some extensive work on this. I am aware of his posts about it on here and the old forum.

Thanks all, any input is highly appreciated.


If you’re only looking to draw geodesic curves on a mesh, I believe Anders has an example on his GitHub:


Thanks, I’ll give this a try. Most importantly we are looking to draw shortest paths from one point to another point on a mesh.

I’ve been relaxing polylines on meshes for the past couple of years when this problem comes up. Here’s an old example:

There’s a few more approaches in that thread. The heat method might also be relevant, depending on your specific case. I know there’s a few implementations of this floating around the forum.


Thanks Anders for all the work you did on this. I already started using your method from the link and it works well for me.