Line Width and color... RhinoCommon

i search to find by myself in the API DOC Rhino Common, but it’s really hard… some times i found, but there must be a method to search in this document…

if i want to know the method to modify the width or the color of a
how can i do, i search line Width in the search bar… but nothing about this…


not an expert of this part, but you better search here

then CurveObject
then attributes
then surely plotweight

Thickness color, are not so simple as then can be attached to the object, layer …

if you want to learn rhinocommon - start here

and start with one of the samples and modify it

for your purpose start here

and change other Attributes.

notice that all RhinoObjects consist of Geometry and Attributes.

Many Attributes also have a source

for plotweight you have to set both - the weight and the source

similar for color…

check for all properties that are managed by Object 's attribute:

hope that helps - best -tom

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