Line transform

I have written a code for a polygon that encompass such lines similar to star. I could transform polygon in every point with changing Plane.Origin, but I couldn’t use this
for the lines. what is necessary to do for this transform and repeatetion in different points? thanks in advance for your helping.

is there any body to help me?

Hi @heavenly_diana2000

It is not clear from your question what you want, can you supply a sketch or a screenshot of your geometry / your desired result?

You might also have a look at our new users guide on how to ask questions that can be answered fast:

I want to repeat polygon and star between it at corner point of rhombus. then trim some line that have interference. so I have problem in repeat and moving star and then trimming some part of that.

You can transform (translate) your geometry to all points of your diamond grid, see:

thank you, I need some simple example for transforming lines. I couldn’t understand that, its confusing.

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This is as simple as it gets:

# myLine is defined elsewhere in your code
# myVector is the vector from your grid origin to the grid corner you want to translate to

# create transformation
xTrans = Rhino.Geometry.Transform.Translation(myVector)

# transfrom line

Have a look at the developer samples, there are several examples of moving and transforming:

I have written this code for my star transform but it doesn’t work.
def TransformBrep():
rc, objref = r.Input.RhinoGet.GetOneObject(“RotateExt”, True, r.DocObjects.ObjectType.Curve)
if rc!=r.Commands.Result.Success: return

xform = rgt.Translation(Points[i+1][j+1])
scriptcontext.doc.Objects.Transform(objref, xform, True)


Your code example is incomplete…

Maybe follow the advice from the post I linked and post a working full example, otherwise I can just guess what goes wrong