Line Normal to Surface

Hi guys

Rhino.Command "_Line N SelId " & baseSurface & " SelId " & arrCircleCntPt & " 1 "

Why this is not working ???

Any help ??

Or any other method to get the same result ??

–> Because you have not read manual for Rhinoscript.

What steps should be executed, what result ?
What is the value for “SelID” ?

Best regards

Your example code does not provide enough info to guess what the result should be. Try the script below to create a normal line at a point on surface. The example draws the line with length = 10.0 which you can change that of course.

LineNormalToSurface.rvb (763 Bytes)


Thank You Celement.

Actually what i am trying to make the circle normal to surface at particular point.

pls check the image

@louis9jan, see if the script below works. It creates a plane from the normal vector, then adds the circle in that plane. Finally it pulls it to the surface. You can change that and add prompts for the circle radius if necessary.

CircleOnSurface.rvb (806 Bytes)


Yes Clement… This is the perfect solution for my requirement.
Thanx a LOT