"Line From Midpoint" without having to constantly divide by 2

It may seem silly, but I am constantly using “Line From Midpoint” and have to take up my calculator to divide by 2 to get the length I need. Is there a way to just put in the total length from the midpoint? If not, that would be a real time saver option in the command-line. I’m just learning, so please excuse me if I missed something that is already in the comman-line and just don’t know how to use it. Thank you EtRec

You are in luck. The only math function that works on the command line is the divide function.
You can just type length/2.

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Thank you so much…it seems simple but I never even thought to try…


I may not be following but why not use Midpoint or Between OSnaps ?
What exactly is the “Line From Midpoint” in your work process ?


When you mouse over the command, it is called “line from midpoint” and finding out that I can do “divide math” in the command-line is a great help. Should have thought to try that on my own, but alas…I did not…Thanks for answering

Oh I see; the icon is called Line from Midpoint, which is the equivalent of _Line command with BothSides option… not using icons much so I missed that. Looks like you are all set with @jim’s hint.


Also good if you use diameter and radius a lot.—Mark

I appreciate that I won’t have to take my hands off the keyboard and mouse to pick up a calculator anymore with being able to divide in the command-line, but defaulting to half the length when specifying a set length for a line from midpoint, does not make sense to me at all. Thanks for all your help

Hi Et Rec - the half-length you type is not really specific to the Line command, it is using Rhino’s generic distance constraint that forces the distance of your pick to be whatever number of units away from the base point.