Limited number of user data


Is the number of custom user data, or user dictionaries limited? I can’t work on as big models as I wish, plugin is crashing on user data after appending several hundreds of user dictionaries, one dictionary per element.

What we typically do is to store up to a handful of strings of Base64 data in a UserDictionary. These strings can be converted to byte arrays, typically holding a few kB, that can be used in Serialization/Deserialization of data classes. This way, only a few entries in the UserDictionary are made.

For serialisation one can use for example the built-in .NET serializer, serialisation to JSON using or serialisation to Google Protocol Buffer using

The protocol buffers are the fastest choice with the smallest footprint, but they do require some extra work to get it right.

There is no limit that we know or have set. Are you able to catch the exception that is occurring when the crash occurs?

I get indexOutOfRangeException on random number of element. This time I was able to load around 3800 elements, before I got the exception.

brep.UserDictionary.Set(“Elno”, gelref1.Elno);

Thanks menno, I will check if I can use it in my case.