Lighting with HDRI

Hello -
I’m looking around for a good resource for better understanding the correct ways with which to use HDRI imaging and light probes as a light source, to light a scene and also for reflectivity and background mapping. Is there a video or post that anyone may use regularly and/or recommend?

I’m working with Brazil specifically, but it is my understanding that the concepts may apply elsewhere as well.

Thank you!

I’d recommend Christian Bloch’s book as well as the resources on his site. The concepts of how to use image based lighting will be universal in my experience between renderers but the specifics on what you can do with environments and how to set things up will differ by program. Christian posts what he calls SIBL collections or smart image based lighting sets which combine different versions of an environment image rather than using one HDR for GI, reflection and visual background. These collections don’t directly work in Rhino but the component images can be used in any renderer you choose so long as you have the ability to separate the active environment channels. In the case of Brazil, use the Brazil Advanced Environment to have a different visible background image. Typically this part of the environment isn’t an HDR but rather the nominal exposure of the same scene. This ends up being more realistic looking than tonemapping the reflection HDR.