Length and Normalized Arc Length Point

I tried to link some of my old code which depended on previous version of OpenNURBS with the recently available one. I find that the methods GetLength() and Get NormalizedArcLengthPoint() methods are not defined for ON_NurbsCurve()

Please let me know how I should go about to get Length and NormalizedArcLengthPoint for NurbsCurve.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Partha,

These members are not longer available in the free openNURBS toolkit. But, they are available in the Rhino SDK.

Why do you need these methods to read and/or write Rhino files?


I recently started to study the Nurbs function.
The OpenNurbs are very useful for studying Nurbs function and Topology.
Therefore I cafully read the your online manual and source.
I recently knew the status of GetLength and NormalizedArcLength etc.
But I think that is it better to remove online manual for this functions.
I am some confusing in some times.

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Hi @junghwan.jeong,

The online API that you are referring to is for the Rhino C++ SDK, which includes openNURBS. It is not for the standalone version of openNURBS.

– Dale