Laptop Specification for Rhino


I’m planing to invest in a new laptop (MAC) as I have right now MacBook Pro 16 GM RAM M1, 1 BT hard disk which is good but not enough to manage my work, as during my Jewelery designing specially when I work in 100 of objects the application “Rhino 7” is hanged, so, I need your advise about the future computer .

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Apple computers are not suitable for professional CAD work because their graphics cards (GPUs) are very slow. Furthermore, the Macintosh version of Rhino is crippled version of the Windows version. The only good reason for using the Macintosh version of Rhino is poverty - you have old Macintosh computer and you cannot afford new Windows computer.

Not true, I use my MacBook Pro daily for architecture and design work. Rhino for macOS is also a great app!


I’d wait for Apple to release more prosumer oriented computers with more performative ARM chips maybe later this year. The current generation of M1 machines is rather aimed at people that do less demanding work.
If you really need a new computer right away, I’d get an Intel one, with a decent CPU and GPU.

Right now is kind of a tricky situation… The version of Rhino that is running on your current MacBook is running under Rosetta 2, until it Is running native on Apple Silicon. I don’t know how much performance is lost there (will only get my hand on an M1 machine in 1-2 weeks).
Furthermore Apple hasn’t yet released their “pro” version of the M1 chip (M1X or whatever it will be called).

So if you can wait for the “pro” version of the new chips, I would wait… otherwise