Landscape Modeling with Land Kit!

For those working on topography, planting, and paving models, I wanted to share some exciting updates to the Land Kit tools and provide info about some upcoming workshops!

The LANDAU team just released an update that introduces Dynamic Units to Land Kit! This will make designing with Land Kit easier for those using metric units. The update also includes increased processing speeds and a couple of new pro components.

In order to give those wanting more person-to-person learning, the LANDAU team is offering 3 Land Kit Intro Workshops. To check out the dates and cost follow the link below!

Land Kit Workshops

If you have not heard of Land Kit but want to improve your landscape modeling workflows, check out more information on the Land Kit website Land Kit Website. Also, the files below include a preview of what will be used in the workshops. These examples showcase a simple approach to each tool set’s workflow. We will expand upon what is happening in each of these examples plus more in the workshops. (2.4 MB) (10.8 MB) (2.7 MB)