Land plots area based on data from Excel

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I have an area that I divided into streets and a three lots. In this case there’s an Excel file containing three numbers representing a specific area which I want to apply for the initial generated area of the parcels that resulted from the code.
I’m using TT Toolbox for get the data from Excel to GH but I struggle to find a way which can allow me to change the geometry of the parcel according to a giving area.

Is there a way in grasshopper for changing parcel area from base to specific area based on Excel data?
parcel area based excel.3dm (24.2 KB)
parcel area based (24.8 KB)
parcel.xml (2.2 KB)


I don’t see any internalized Excel data?

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

As you can see in the attatched picture, the panel shows three numbers from excel file : 10,5,3 for the example.
I attatched the xml file also.
I’m trying to convert this data into an a given area for changing geometry of the lot.