Ladybug - ReadEPResults - the result file does not exist

Good morning!
I ask for your help because I have a problem in running simulations on Ladybug.
Once I run it, even if ExportToOpenStudio tells me the process was a success, in ReadEPResults it is shown the following message “The result file does not exist”.
I sent the same file to my colleagues, but they can read the results without any problem.
Even if they are kind and gentle people, I cannot ask for their help forever.
Could you help me, please? Which setting do I have to change?
Thank you

My versions:
Ladybug 0.068 Jan 2020
Honeybee 0.065 Jan 2020
Rhino (1.2 MB)

Hi Kevin - for questions related to Ladybug, please visit the dedicated forum here: