Keeping make2D graft?


Does anyone know (if it’s possible) how to keep the result of a make2D graft on grasshopper?
I am trying to assign different color for each branch after the make2D, but the problem it’s that if I do not flatten the component it makes a 2D of each branch separately without taking in account superpositions.
Any help?

Thank you in advance, (2.3 MB)

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Refreshing up


It’s pretty simple really, don’t flatten the geometry input and the lines, produced by the Make2D will remain in their original tree structure.

Here’s a simple example:

I had no desire to wait 15 minutes for your enormous, yet quite beautiful model to compute.

You are right, sorry for the 1.5m component! The problem is that if you do not flat the component, sure you get the 2D result not flattten, but as you can see in the image first image, the component does not take into account all the hierarchy of opacities between objects. (it’s like each branch is made 2D seperately), what I would like to acheive is the second result but graft.

Hi, you can use the Visible Index and Hidden Index outputs in the Make2D command to reassign each output line to the geometry it was created from.


Nice one! I will try out this method and see if it works (I think so)
thanks !

Sorry to bother again, but I am struggling to achieve the tree reconstruction by the Visible Index. Do you have any idea how to do that?

Simply like this:

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Thank you !

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