Karamba3D Online Workshop for Intermediate and Advanced users, July 19–21 (McNeel Europe)

Karamba3D Online Workshop for Intermediate and Advanced Users
Tutors: Clemens Preisinger, Matthew Tam
Host: McNeel Europe (Barcelona)
July 19–21, 10 am–5 pm CEST

This three-day workshop is intended for intermediate to advanced users of Karamba3D. Clemens and Matthew will explore more advanced techniques of working with complex parametric structural models through scripting using the Karamba3D API. You will also learn how to integrate Karamba3D into your BIM workflow while harnessing the power of third party plugins such as Rhino.Inside.Revit as well as GeometryGym.

Day 1 - Refresher

  • Introduction
  • Presentation of building projects
  • Definition of a structural model with shells and beams
  • Results retrieval and display for beams
  • Form finding and structural optimization

Day 2 – Complex workflows

  • Debugging and Optimizing Definitions
  • Advanced Workflows with Grasshopper and Karamba3D
  • Analyzing models in Revit with Rhino.Inside
  • Interoperability with IFC using GeometryGym

Day 3 – Scripting

  • Introduction of the Karamba3D scripting API
  • The Hello Karamba3D script
  • How to query model properties
  • Retrieving element results

Course requirements: A prior knowledge of Grasshopper and Karamba3D is strongly recommended as Revit & Rhino.Inside is only recommended but not mandatory. A Karamba3D 1-year licenses for non-commercial use will be provided to the participants free. Rhino 7 and GeometryGym licenses will be provided for the time of the workshop.

Online course fees: EUR 250,- (+VAT); full-time students and university teachers get a 50% discount (proofofstatusrequired). Please note, your seat is confirmed only after payment has cleared.

Max. number of participants for each course: 25. If there is no quorum, the workshop will be cancelled 15 days before (July 4). Participants will need to attend the course at the same time as the course runs.

Course language: English

*Educational seats are limited. Sign up now by contacting McNeel Europe!

Posted Jun 11, 2021 by Verena Vogler on Rhino News, etc.