Karamba/Grasshopper Steel connection detailing

Hey there,

I am trying to design a steel structure with a few bolted steel cleat plate connections.

I have the basic UB/UC structure completed, but I want to explore further detailing (Bolts, plate connections etc) So i can simply modify the design and create shop drawings from the model.

Is there a parametric function/method to creating steel connections using Karamba/Grasshopper?

Thanks In advance!


Hi @mckay.berry,
it is not possible to do detailed joint analysis in Karamba3D. However you can look into designing joints with this plugin KarambaIDEA which connects Karamba3D to IDEA Statica - https://www.food4rhino.com/app/karambaidea.

There will be a free webinar session on this topic shortly so please stay informed on our website.