Kangaroo2 Tutorials

After literally hours of searching on my part (probably cause I don’t know what search terms to use) I have ended up here. Does anyone know of any good tutorials for Kangaroo 2? When I say good, here is what I mean:

  1. Visuals! This can either be screenshots or (perferably) a video that walk thorugh what is happening.

  2. Description of what they are doing (Text if blog post/article, narration if video), and why they are doing it.

I’ve looked around and tried following along with many youtube tutorials but they are poor, not having any narration. Instead it’s just a bunch of EDM music (something I actually like normally, but is incredibly irritating when it is in a poor tutorial). Any links, and guides would help. Plus, I feel like we should have running guide of high quality tutorials for major plug ins. Thanks!

@cameronbehning, I suggest you start here.

The basics of kangaroo are pretty well explained. I love this website alot. I just subscribed for the second time. Although subscription isn’t free, but you have a 7days trial.

You have 2 excellents projet examples where they use kangaroo (especially to relax meshes)

parametric pompidou center and Soumaya museum



Thanks a ton! These tutorials were incredible clear and thought out. Though this tutorial didn’t go as in depth as I had hoped, it did proved all the information needed fro my use case. I highly recommend these tutorials so anyone who needs them.

I agree, I did some of their tutorials about Grasshopper a few years ago, and although they provide some good beginner advice and strategies, they often barely scratch the surface of what Grasshopper or Kangaroo are capable of doing.
Furthermore, most of the stuff they show is nowadays freely available in one form or the other on YouTube, Vimeo or other websites.
Particularly frustrating about their tutorials often was that they bait you with a neatly rendered picture of some popular building, but only do one aspect of it.
I remember a tutorials about the Centre Pompidou in Metz, France, by Shigeru Ban, where they show a nice rendering, but all they guide you through, is how to do the framing of the free-form roof (if I remember correctly).

In terms of Kangaroo, it would probably be neat, if @DanielPiker could do an in-depth series of paid webinars (cf. Ladybug/Honeybee) - from beginner to advanced -, where he’d explain some concepts behind the components. I guess he is one of the few people who truly understand the stuff.


Yes. Please. @DanielPiker take my money.

There’s a Kangaroo course on Udemy that I’ve done. It’s an intro to tensegrity, bending active rods and plates, grid shell, hybrids and circle packing. If you want to simulate one of these structures it might be a good starting point.

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