Kangaroo Rigid Point Set

Hello, I am scripting with kangaroo library. does anyone know how to apply customized PIndex for kangaroo rigid point set goal?

The RigidPointSet() takes a plane as an input, which increases the PIndex list and I am confused.

Hi @Franklin_Wú

RigidPointSet has a frame which moves and rotates when the simulation runs. The points in the Pts input keep their position relative to this frame. This frame is stored and updated in the solver as a particle (with orientation), which is why the PIndex list is one longer than the number of points you give in the Pts input.

Does that help? Happy to provide some more examples if it’s not clear.

I’m trying to figure out the logic of rigidpointset constraint, my understanding of the codes above is that the points are constantly being remapped to the relative plane.

My question is, for example, grabbing one point among a set of pts to rotate the whole set together, How does the frame particle’s (PIndex[0]) move vector (Move[0]) get determined in the first place?

A lot of Thanks.