Kangaroo GitHub repository not complete

Hey @DanielPiker, I am finally diving into scripting some custom Kangaroo goals. Therefore, I was checking out your repository on GitHub, but realized that the list of K2goals was not complete.
Goals like Length(Line) or Beam and many others are missing.
Could you add them to GitHub as well? :building_construction:
Or is there another reason why this list is not complete?

Also it would be cool to have some documentation on how the Kangaroo solver works (I also read, that there is a potential paper waiting to be written).
Some things are hard to understand, for example the use of Kangaroo particles. I could not find any documentation on them, what properties they have etc.

Thanks a lot,

This is true, and some are obsolete.
Kangaroo are deep and vast. Tutorial materials online can not cover all of them. The example files there are the most reliable and systematic approach to learn it. Please consider updating it.