K2Eng not working for high divisions

I am currently looking into K2Eng for kangaroo and I have some basic issues. I am modelling geodesic gridshell and after I’ve found my geodesic curves, I want to let the curves relax into the real equilibrium by applying cross-sectional properties and the internal stress-state using K2Eng. It all works pretty well for certain division numbers however, when I increase the division number just a bit, it suddenly doesn’t work anymore. I’ve been troubleshooting my definition on simpler geometries and there it works fine, so I am pretty confident that my definition is not the problem.

In the example file the simple geometry works for every division but the more complex one works for division numbers 1-4 and above that it gives strange results, or non at all.

Is there someone who has had similar problems or someone who might know what the problem could be, maybe @c.brandtolsen? I would be grateful if someone could help me out here.

k2Eng-Troubleshooting.gh (145.1 KB)