Junction radius control in a intersection of pipes

Hi everyone!
Lately, I discovered the skeleton fattener by Daniel Piker, and I found it extremely useful but pretty soon I ran into a control problem: how to control radius.

Let’s say for example I’m in this situation, where I have an intersection of 3 lines and I want to create a junction as I did in the example. My question is: is there a way in which I can control r1,2 and 3 separately? By now Wavebird is doing all the work, but what if I want to personalize them?
I’m asking because I’m a designer new to grasshopper and my final goal is to control all these parameters in order to get the exact shape I want (I know, designers have OCD prolems :rofl:)

In this example I used skeleton fattener with WaveBird, I’ll leave the gh file Example fatten Wavebird.gh (10.5 KB) and the rhino one Example fatten Wavebird rhino 5.3dm (37.0 KB)
Since I’m new to grasshopper, my example will be probably not optimized, so if you have any suggestion I’m here to listen!

Thanks in advance! Hope my English was understandable :rofl:

My guess was to add points to move along the line where I could control the radius of the sphere in order to control the shape, this is what I hope to get

but it didn’t work because the fattener work on the intersections of lines.

If you are ok to end up with bad topology then i would suggest Dendro and Weaver bird Laplacian smoothing.

Actually I would prefer a clean topology since the last step is to “print” it with a cnc on wood

Yes Dendro gives you very smooth Mesh.

Will check it out, thanks!