Joining flat panels to recreate 3D shape

I have taken a flat pattern of the fabric panels of a boat cover, per the picture and model attached. I would like to be able to join the panels together along the seams to reconstruct the cover in 3 dimensions.
I appreciate the help - I a still new to Rhino so not sure where to start and have failed to find an answer by searching… probably using the wrong words to describe what I am searching for! Thanks.

Cover.3dm (66.8 KB)

@dgs Welcome

Your example has only 7 closed curves; 1 duplicated on Layer Proliner 11 and P2.
Any More info?

Well this isn’t going to really help you, but the cover is going to stretch, so trying to go from the flat patterns to the 3D result is…well there might be physics software that might be able to sort-of simulate that, but there’s not really any point to that, I don’t imagine that’s what people making boat covers do to test. It’s a problem I fought with a while back with hot-air balloon envelopes, and my solution–which worked perfectly well for applying patterns–was pretty far from an accurate ‘inflation’ process.

I guess the question is what is the goal of trying to go from 2D to 3D here?

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