Join SubD in grasshopper

In Rhino you can use the standard join command to join multiple SubDs together.
What do you use in Grasshopper?

Mesh join and Brep join creates meshes and breps when it joins the SubDs.
SubD fuse seems to be something different altogether.

Right now I bake all my SubDs and Join, but it would be nice to see the result while making changes in Grasshopper.

You can feed the SubDs into a Mesh component. That will give you their control polygon mesh. Then Join. Then make SubD again with the SubDfromMesh component. It’s a hack, I know.


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For me that does create a single SubD, but the joints aren’t smooth.

Maybe I have to clean the mesh more before I make it into a SubD…

Ah, yes weld vertices did it.

Thank you!

yeah I forgot about that one too!