Join curves from separate lists

I’m trying to join the curves from the first list with the second one so I can have 66 polylines but all I get is a set with 132 polylines. Is there a way to do this?


These appear to be closed curves with some overlapping corners/vertices. In this case they won’t be able to join.

What outcome are you trying to achieve?

I’m trying to get a list with these two set of curves joined so I can arrange them on a sheet using the OpenNest component.
But if I use the list with the two sets of curves joined (132 curves) they get separated on the sheets. I want the outside and inside curves to be togheter on the sheets.


Anyone can help you better if you share your file.


Oh, my bad :grimacing: (80.8 KB)

Fernando, you can just pack the outer curves and then use the transform output to move your inner curves to the right spots.

Next time, post the file so people can help you without recreating your geometry and file. And next time, post your whole question at first.

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Thanks a lot!!! :star_struck:

After you shared, You got it. :wink: This how Discourse McNeel works