Join a lot Breps

HI, i created (with metaball component) a lot of extruded surfaces.I need to join all to cook in rhino using them like one solid. I’ve tried to cook them and after join polysurfaces in rhino but it doesn’t work… how can I do?(Brep join doesn’t work)

Try the Solid Union Component

don’t do this dave…

there is a high chance for a thermonuclear explosion after using this component…
Without any simplification you’ll freeze your application. Control point count and clear boundaries do matter
for all Boolean and Trimming operations…

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Put the solids (or the open stuff [before cup planar holes]) into a Rhino file and post it here.

but i wanna do it in grasshopper!

Fine but you haven’t attached anything (at least visible to me) thus what to test? thin air? That said NEVER provide just a screenshot without some data.

So forget your def, just bake the things (before any “combine” attempt) and put them … blah, blah.

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you can do it in Grasshopper, but you just cant combine thousands of breps with thousand of controlpoints each.
This is what I believe to see when looking at your screenshot, but maybe I’m wrong, but without a file nobody will help you…

if you don’t know how to model it manually, you won’t be able to automate it in Grasshopper,
nor somebody else can help you out in Grasshopper.
Same goes for tools you are using. If you don’t know about them in Rhino, you won’t
be able to use them in Grasshopper as well. Grasshopper uses a subset of Rhino tools