Join 2 or more curves?

I would like to join 2 or more curves generated by 2 or more curve components on my Grasshopper canvas. I’ve tried wire connecting my curves to the Join Curve component, but this only accepts one of my curves at a time. I can manually select the curves and then use the Set Multiple Curves option on the Curve input on the Join Curve component. My understanding of Join Curve is obviously incomplete. Is there a way to do this in Grasshopper without manual selecting the curves going to the Curve input to Join Curve?

Hi David -

You need to hold the Shift key to add an extra wire.

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Don’t do this or you’ll be back on the forum with a data tree problem in less than a week !

Use Merge component.

If the output of the component is a tree (dotted line), right clic > Flatten the inputs.


OK. Thanks to both of you, good to know both situations.

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