Job Opportunity: Seeking Rhino & Grasshopper Talent in Montreal

Hello Rhino Community,

We’re on the lookout for skilled individuals in Montreal with expertise in Rhino and Grasshopper, especially those familiar with 3D printing and Gcode programming. Kollide is at the forefront of innovative design and manufacturing, and we’re excited to expand our team with passionate professionals or emerging talents eager to make an impact.

If you’re interested in joining our dynamic team or know someone perfect for this role, please don’t hesitate to send your resume to Alternatively, you can find more details and apply through the Kollide page on LinkedIn.

We’re eager to welcome new members to our collaborative project and make strides in innovation together. Your expertise could be exactly what we need to push the boundaries further.

Thank you for considering this opportunity and for being part of a community that supports growth and creativity.

Best regards,

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maybe edit your post and change category to jobs & portfolio ?
good luck in finding somebody that fits. kind regards from Zürich / Switzerland. Tom

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Good point! Thanks a lot Tom!

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