I've noticed DVD and Blue Ray becoming obsolete

Will Rhino 6 be shipping in some kind of flash drive instead of DVD, which seem to be becoming obsolete.

The latest version of Bongo ships you a postcard with your CD key and a download link, and demo version of Rhino 5 can be “unlocked,” so the future is no media. For those who still insist on it, DVDs are plenty big and will certainly still be around.

No media is a terrible idea, i need back up copy in my own archives. I don’t trust businesses to keep their stuff together, what if the internet goes, what if my internet connection doesn’t work. Its ridiculous to trust people like that. I need layers of security. Like an onion.

I remember just last month, trying to use PCMover to move all of my apps and files over to a new computer. What A Joke! I cannot believe after all these years software engineers still have not made it possible or practical to transfer your software that you payed for over to a new computer, as if computers don’t wear out or become obsolete. It ridiculous.

Didn’t you read that the government was just recently trying to steal the internet and give it to some one world government organization for their personal control. Nuts! Its crazy to trust people. And only crazy people do it.

Flash drives would be better. They are small, fast and have no moving parts.

Its about SECURITY! Not everything can be justified under ‘convenience’.

Umm, you can still backup the downloaded installer anywhere you want, it doesn’t matter how you get it. Sure little flash drives would be kinda ‘cool’ but Rhino is a tiny install and does’t cost much, it makes no sense. Maybe around Rhino V20 or something when they can bundle a little box with all the hardware you’d need for most projects on any screen you can attach it to, maybe.

The only reason it took so long to switch to digital distribution was deciding how to make it work for the resellers, the writing’s been on the wall this is the way to go since…well Day 1, really. How long has anyone actually used the version of Rhino that came on their disk? There is always a service release or WIP or Beta.

people trust the internet too much. Rhino is expensive, autodesk is for rich people, office is expensive, computer games are expensive. I don’t want to pay more than 35 bucks for software. ridiculous.

I’m not sure what ‘trusting the Internet’ has to do with downloading software you buy–not “software as service,” not “cloud computing,” just downloading an installer. People have been doing it as long as the Net has been around, it’s how Rhino was developed. I’m not sure what you’re afraid of? Viruses? The biggest names in software have shipped infected CDs. The prying eyes of the NSA? Snail mail can be intercepted too.

It sounds like you should go to bed and get some sleep Justin, as if you have stayed up for too long. Everything becomes expensive and scary then :wink:

Shipping disks of plastic, in a plastic box wrapped in plastic, stuffed in an envelope, to distribute digital stuff when everybody is online, in a world where laptops are sold without a DVD drive doesn’t make sense.

Just buy a USB disk and store the file there. Or on a server in your house. Or on the cloud. Or burn your own DVD’s. It’s up to you. Don’t let your fear guide others.

Rhino is still being installed on your computer, so once you have gotten it you are safe.

hmmm, yes I suppose i may change in this case. I have always lived on a shoestring budget, and with people who didn’t understand technology at all anyway, so we didn’t have fancy things like backup, you had your disk and that was it. And the idea of getting backup was an absurdity to them, their was no backup. What for!?!?! they would say, just wasting money.

Maybe I will change in this case.

Amazing what a good nap will do! :wink:

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