Item Not Found?

Hello, I am trying to filter a bunch of surfaces by the specific area.
And I find a kind of funny error.

They are all numbers, why Rhino don’t consider they are equal ? (29.6 KB)

Most likely it’s a rounding error,search the forum there are several posts

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I created my own isEqual cluster/component with a ‘T’ (Tolerance) input, default is 0.0001:

Error-ItemNotFound_2020Nov26a (33.5 KB)

This is the isEqual cluster:


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As @Baris said, the panel just show you the result of rounded values of your actual numbers.


Nice. Thank you all. I round them and now it works very well.

I didn’t know that there is a hiden tolerance behind.

Because sometimes the panel give me a scientific notation like 1.0000e-6 , so I thought 4.515 here is precisely 4.515