Is there a way to edit Tool Palette icons?

I have created a number of new buttons to use in my tool palettes, but the icon displayed is a generic box with a question mark overlayed. I would like to be able to quickly differentiate between these buttons, but I don’t see how to edit their icons. Does anyone know how to do so?

Hi Will,

Drag and drop an image file onto the icon here in the editor…

Well, that’s way easier than I thought it would be. I was right-clicking on everything, looking in the preferences, and checking the McNeel wiki. Thanks!

@BrianJ - maybe you can add that part to this page?

Yeah, this has been on my list forever…

RH-36601 Adding custom icon should be more discoverable

It just keeps taking a backseat to the 732 other items on my list…or at least some of them.