Is there a component that can Override Element Graphics in a View?

Would be great to override Element Graphics with a set Pattern & Color to a Set View?

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This would be useful to highlight uncoordinated elements, clashing elements, elements with warnings.

Hi @user2449,

Unfortunately not yet.

Now is on the list. :smiley:

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You can use the attached GH definition to achieve what you are after and for more information about the inputs you can check the post below… (11.3 KB)


Hi @M.Tarabishy & @kike ,

Just been using the latest Graphical Overrides - Working well…

Cant seem to get it to working for linked elements?

Hi Christopher, By Category is the only option available. You can add criteria to the linked element instance in the original file that will get be picked up in the Filter Rules.

Here i added the comment Check in the Architectural Wall link file and the filter changed the color to Red.

Also note that this only works if the Link is set to Host View (not linked view or custom)

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Nice one Japhy… 100% makes sense.

That will work for our requirements. Cheers